Firefighter Goggles AntifogWhen your life, or someone else’s life, depends on whether or not you can see clearly; you need to know you can absolutely depend on your equipment! And, Parker’s Anti-Fogging Solution seems to be the absolute best solution for fogging problems we have ever tried! Parker’s Cleaner will stop fogging on eyewear, protective eyewear, and all kinds of optics, binoculars, riflescopes, even cameras. New, in a class apart from all other products that “claim to do the job”. Parker’s Anti-Fog Lens & Glass Cleaner is very diverse in use and application. Parker’s is used on eyewear, protective eyewear, and fine optics”; Parker’s Anti-Fog Cleaner is the longest lasting spray, or dropper, solution for fogging problems on the market to date! Parker’s has no harsh chemicals, no abrasive ingredients, no linger odor, and its silicone free!

Use the convenient anti-fogging spray for glasses, protective eyewear, goggles, face shields, windshields, welding lenses, HAZ-MAT suits, etc… (For Eyewear “Parker’s recommends a daily application”, even though it lasts much longer!) Use the dropper for optics, such as scopes, riflescopes, binoculars, camera lenses, etc… Parker’s also leaves a protective film, that helps reduce scratching of polycarbonate lenses, and makes cleaning much easier! Parker’s also contains a cleaner helping remove facial oil, hair spray, make -up, and sweat; making our solution the choice, for all companies big, or small, concerned about Safety, Liability, OSHA, QS9OO0, ISO, and Ergonomics. On computer screens Parker’s anti – static properties help reduce dust, and finger prints, lasting weeks, even in some of the harshest environments! (Manufacturing, Fabrication, Assembly, etc…) Use Parker’s Anti-Fogging Cleaner for cars, trucks, boats, and planes, etc. (lasting up to 30 days on interior widows and mirrors.) Use Parker’s Lens Cleaner for all sports, even scuba diving! For Photography Parker’s also greatly reduces acclimation time. Parker’s is also used by Medical, Dental, Law Enforcement, Tactical units, Military, Fire Fighters, and Emergency response, etc… As you can see, there are so many applications and uses, it would be difficult to name them all!

Attention: Parker’s anti-fogging spray and lens cleaner is in a class far an above all the other products that “claim to do the job. Typically so called “Anti-Fogs” do not work; Parker’s is the “Solution for fogging problems” and should only be referred to as such! We have worked very hard to separate our company from those inferior types of products!


  • Eye glasses
  • Windshields
  • Sunglasses
  • Dental mirrors
  • Saftey glasses
  • Endoscopes
  • Goggles
  • Telescopes
  • Face shields
  • Binoculars
  • Helmet shields
  • Shooting glasses
  • Respirators
  • Rifle scopes
  • Welding hoods
  • Camera lenses
  • Scuba masks
  • Video cameras
  • Hazmat suits
  • Computer monitors
  • Mirrors
  • Television screens
  • Windows

Anti-Fog Uses:

  • In the home and for everyday use
  • Fire Fighting
  • For All Sports
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing
  • Laundries Operations
  • Cruise Ships
  • Food Preparation
  • Repair
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Optometry
  • Automobiles
  • Astronomy
  • Trucks
  • Medical
  • Planes
  • Dental
  • Boats
  • Police
  • Military
  • Education

Firefighter Helmet and Googles
Riot Helmet