Don’t allow fogged up eyewear and protective eyewear to stop you from doing the things you want or need to do! Use Parker’s Anti-Fog solution, to win the battle against external lens fogging, in cold, or hot humid conditions.

gun scopeParker’s is the longest lasting anti-fog spray, or dropper, solution on the market to date! For eyewear Parker’s recommends a daily anti fog application. Even though it last much longer! Parker’s does contain a cleaner, Helping to remove facial oil, hair spray, make up, and sweat, but first and foremost it was designed to help prevent lenses from fogging! Parker’s anti fog solution also leaves a protective film on the lens that helps reduce static, helps prevent scratches, and makes cleaning easier! Parker’s anti fog and cleaning solution has no lingering odor, no harsh chemicals, no abrasive ingredients, and it’s “Silicone Free”! All these features help Parker’s to be very environmentally friendly. And, make Parker’s the choice for companies big, or small, concerned about safety, liability, OSHA, and ergonomics.

Parker’s “Dropper Bottle” anti fog and cleaning solution was designed for optics, and should be used on them; Scopes, Binoculars, Camera Lenses, etc… (This is to control the application on fine optical equipment, which can be applied in the correct amount suited to the lens size, evenly spread to coat the lens surface with a film, then lightly wiped, or left to air dry, depending on preference.) But, the dropper can also be used on other applications as well; such as eyeglasses, sunglasses, goggles, safety glasses, etc…

Parker’s anti-fog cleaner is very diverse in application; the dropper is spectacular on scopes, binoculars, camera lenses, telescopes, etc…For working photographers; Parker’s cuts acclamation time on photographic equipment. The spray is recommended for manufacturing; protective eyewears, goggles, face shields, respirators, welding hoods, etc… Pressure washing, sand blasting, chipping, grinding, spraying, etc … On computer screens, lasting weeks, even in some of the harshest environments such as: casting, fabrication, assembly, finishing, maintenance, etc… Parker’s is a must for “HAZMAT” suits! For medical, dental, police, military, fire fighting, etc For all sports; hunting, shooting, fishing, paint ball, boating, racing, skiing, snow-mobiling, hockey, scuba diving, etc… On interior windows and mirrors (Lasting 3-4 weeks); hotels, cruse ships, automobiles, trucks, boats, planes, etc… Really, there are so many uses and applications, it would be impossible to list them all!

Manufactured by: Par Bur Labs Inc. Made in the USA


“At last, something that really works!”

More about Parker’s Anti-Fog Solution & Lens Cleaner
After extensive research, Par Bur Laboratories has developed an advanced chemical solution, scientifically formulated, to be superior to any other spray or dropper product currently used to keep lenses from fogging.

Ski GogglesFirst and foremost, Parker’s anti-fog solution was designed to keep eyewear and also protective eyewear from fogging up in cold, or hot, humid conditions. This includes respirators, welding hoods, face shields, “HAZMAT” suits, scuba masks, motorcycle helmets and other protective lenses that experience the same problem. Parker’s recommends a daily application to be sure your lens is cleaned regularly, even though it lasts much longer! The so called, anti-fogs have never lived up to their claims.

After you use Parker’s anti-fogging solution, you’ll be saying, “At last something really works!” Parker’s also contains a cleaner that helps to remove such things as facial oils, hair spray, make-up,and sweat, making our solution the choice for companies, big or small, who are concerned about safety, liability, OSHA regulations, and ergonomics. When properly applied, you will find Parker’s formula to be fast drying and convenient to use.

Remember, Parker’s is new in design, to be fast when applying; It’s important after spraying, not to overwipe. There is no need to wipe completely dry. You actually stop wiping while there is still moisture on the lens, and it will dry crystal clear. When using the dropper, you can also spread it thin and even, and then let it air dry, if you prefer (referring to scopes, binoculars, camera lenses, and other optics of this nature).

Parker’s is the longest lasting spray or dropper anti-fog solution to prevent fogging on lenses on the market to date. Best of all, Parker’s is water soluble, so throughout the day, you can remove most dirt, mud, grime, and goo, or whatever, from eyewear, simply by rinsing under the faucet, or in a bucket of water and then reapply Parker’s.

Parker’s also helps keep polycarbonate lenses from scratching on both the inside and outside of a lens, leaving a protective film on the surface for easier cleaning, and reduced static, helping to avoid smudges, dust, dirt, and fingerprints, or other air born particles, without the bother of silicone scratch guard. An example of this would be when Parker’s is applied to the outside of a face shield used for the sport of paint ball. The goo from the paint will wash right off, not leaving the normal goo mess and smears that the player usually have to deal with when cleaning their shields! The bother of dust and dirt, collecting on computer screens can be greatly reduced, lasting weeks, in even some of the harshest environments such as fabrication, assembly, maintenance, foundries, as well as the other manufacturing scenarios.

Parkers Anti-Fogging Solution is very diverse in application. This is why Parker’s comes in spray and dropper format. The spray can be used on eye wear, protective eye wear, television screens, computer monitors, mirrors,inside windows of cars, trucks, boats, planes, etc, lasting up to 30 days on interior windows and mirors. The dropper is spectacular for scopes, binoculars, camera lenses, telescopes, as well as other fine optics of this nature and, should be used on these types of optics to avoid “puddling”. The dropper can be used on eyewear. You would just need to spread it around with your finger. For working photographers, Parker’s cuts temperature acclimation time on photographic equipment, that is experienced when moving from one temperature to another. You usually must wait, and give your equipment time to acclimate to the surrounding atmosphere, or your lens will fog up. Parker’s greatly reduces this time, and some of the time eliminates it completely!

Parker’s has no lingering odor, no harsh chemicals, no abrasive ingredients, and it’s all silicone free, making it very environmentally friendly! It’s been tested (bomb tested) and approved by numerous manufacturers, and found to work on most glasses and plastics. It also has been found safe to use on lens coatings of scopes, binoculars, telescopes, and camera lenses. Remember that Parker’s has a money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with our product! Warning: Keep away from small children. Do not ingest. Not for use on contact lenses. Manufactured by Par Bur Labs Made in the USA