Dealer Inquiries

Parkers Perfect Antifog revolutionary anti-fog spray & lens cleaner products are available to distributors at Wholesale Pricing Rates starting at %40 off, for orders of 1/2 case or more. For larger wholesale orders we offer the following pricing tiers:

High Volume Resale Pricing.
This pricing is available only to the customer that is going to order high volume $10,000 or more annually and are going to either retail it themselves such as Wal-Mart or sell it to other business that will resell it.

Medium Resale Mass Merchant Pricing:
This pricing is available to the customer that has a few multiple stores and orders around $5,000 annually.

Small Resale Dealer Pricing:
This pricing is for the small business that wants to order it for resale in their small business. It has a smaller ordering quantity.

Wholesale pricing:
This pricing is for the customer that wants to order it retail and usually orders enough that it saves them 40% but they have to order 1/2 case of the product.

If you would like to place a Wholesale Volume order please contact our corporate sales department below at (800)884-8005 or fill out the convenient form below:

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