Swimming Goggles

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January 20, 2012

Swimming Goggles

Parkers Perfect Anti-Fog spray is great for swimmers, to prevent goggles from fogging. Anyone who does water sports such as swimming or scuba diving will benefit from using our anti-fog treatment. Keep a foil pack in your gear for a quick touch up.

With Parkers anti fogging you don’t have to remove your goggles in between sets. So if you have a fogging problem and are tired of removing your goggles to clean them get Parkers anti-fog spray or wipes.
Parker’s anti-fogging lens cleaner is the longest lasting spray, or dropper, on the market to date! For eyewear Parker’s recommends a daily application. Even though it last much longer! Parker’s does contain a cleaner, Helping to remove facial oil, hair spray, make up, and sweat, but first and foremost it was designed to help prevent lenses from fogging! Parker’s also leaves a protective film on the lens that helps reduce static, helps prevent scratches, and makes cleaning easier! Parker’s anti-fogging lens cleaner has no lingering odor, no harsh chemicals, no abrasive ingredients, and it’s “Silicone Free”! All these features help Parker’s to be very environmentally friendly. And, make Parker’s the choice for companies big, or small, concerned about safety, liability, OSHA, and ergonomics.



Foil Packet
$ 13.99

(includes100 convenient pre-moistened towelettes each sealed in
a foil packet)

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