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January 20, 2012
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January 20, 2012

Safety Eyeware

Parker’s anti-fog lens and glass cleaner was designed to keep eyewear and protective eyewear from fogging up in cold or hot, humid conditions. Parker’s also contains a cleaner that helps to remove such things as facial oils, hair spray, make-up and sweat.

Our anti-fogging solution is the choice for companies, big or small, who are concerned about safety, liability, OSHA regulations, certifications and ergonomics. Parker’s anti-fogging cleaner is the longest lasting spray or dropper solution to help prevent fogging on lenses on the market to date.

Parker’s “no fog” lens and glass cleaner also helps keep polycarbonate lenses from scratching on both the inside and outside of the lens. It leaves a protective film that helps to avoid smudges and fingerprints. Its superior anti-static quality also helps to avoid dust and dirt as well as other air born particles from attaching to the surface for easier cleaning.

Parker’s fog preventing cleaner has no lingering odor, no harsh chemicals, no abrasive ingredients and it’s silicone free, making it very environmentally friendly! It has been tested and approved by numerous manufacturers and found to work on most glasses and plastics. It also has been “bomb” tested and found safe to use on the quality lens coatings of scopes, binoculars, telescopes and camera lenses.


8 oz Multi-purpose
self contained station at $20.99

(includes towelettes)

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