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January 20, 2012
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January 20, 2012

Bathroom Mirrors

Parker’s anti-fogging spray is great for bathroom mirrors. It works on most glass and plastic. Lightly spray lens or surface to be treated, spread evenly wipe briefly with soft cloth, the “key thing” to remember is to get off the lens while there is still moisture present.

It will dry crystal clear. Do not over wipe! This will cause a smearing effect, and defeat the purpose of trying to leave the lens coated! Keep in mind Parker’s anti-fog cleaner is a New Formula designed for the application to be quick, easy, and convenient! For eyeglasses, and larger surfaces: Parker’s recommends the spray bottle to be the most convenient to use. When treating larger areas (windows. mirrors. etc…) you should use the spray, and it helps to use a damp cloth (not wet). Spray surface and cloth (This aids in giving more time to apply). Spread and cover the surface evenly, let dry clear!


16 oz Refil
bottle at $19.99 each
2 oz Spray bottle)

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